Our Vision

To create peak performance leaders in fundraising

Peak performance is a state in which the person or organisation performs to the maximum of their ability, characterised by subjective feelings of confidence, effortlessness and total concentration on the task.

Our Purpose

To engage communities in supporting your cause

Our Values

motion | optimisation | intensity
We eat elephants for breakfast!

quality | generosity | bespoke
We care about outcomes not outputs

thoroughness | flexibility | resilience
We are prepared for the journey

How We Work

The Barrer & Co approach is strategic, innovative, with long-range thinking.
Our model is based on developing effective and mutually beneficial relationships based on shared values, resulting in long term partnerships that can grow and develop long after we exit. Relationship management and engagement is our priority and we are proud of the knowledge we are able to contribute and the confidence we create for our clients.

Who We Work With

We feel privileged to have worked with over 120 not-for-profits from all around New Zealand, small and large.

We work with not-for-profit clients across a wide range of causes, including health and disability, social services, primary, secondary and tertiary education, heritage, museums, environment, arts, youth development, sports, religion, animals, and wellbeing.

You can hear directly from organisations who have worked with us here.

The Team

Our specialist team is here to help with all your fundraising needs.
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Sarah Barrer

Managing DIrector

Sarah Barrer - Managing Director

Sarah has been working in the not-for-profit industry since 2008 and she has headed Barrer & Co since 2012 with a vision to support organisations to achieve their fundraising goals through developing effective strategy and relationship management.

Sarah’s driving passion is to focus on the individual needs of an organisation and work alongside them to provide solutions within their context. To achieve this, she utilises the skills she has gained working in Retail Management, Sales Management, Recruitment of Administrative and IT professionals, the Event industry, and her experience as a member of several Boards – most recently Hagar International and Life Education Trust Canterbury, as well as her extensive not-for-profit specialisation.

Sarah’s fundraising philosophy is based on considered analysis and planning, enhancing stakeholder relationships, meaningful stewardship, and expectation management. Together with this, Sarah utilises traditional methodology and new and innovative ideas to create success; since the inception of Barrer & Co, she has helped more than 120 not-for-profits in the areas of capital campaigns, operational efficiency, long-term funding sustainability and increases in revenue generation.

This traditionally under-resourced and misunderstood sector has become a passionate area of interest for Sarah and her personal characteristics of resilience, transparency, honesty and perseverance have helped to form her expertise.

Specialist Areas:

  • Organisation analysis
  • Strategy
  • Governance consulting
  • Major donor management
  • Mentoring
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Pollyanne Peña

Fundraising Consultant

Pollyanne Peña – Fundraising Consultant

Polly has worked in community development and fundraising for a range of not-for-profits over the last six years including Shakti Community Council, National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges and Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust.

She excels at balancing the minutiae of complex tasks with strategic thinking, and this combined with her nous for relationship management aligns perfectly with her areas of specialisation in trusts and grant management, event fundraising and corporate sponsorships.

Polly thrives when she works with ambiguity and has to problem solve, driving to pinpoint core problems and identify the best solutions. She can artfully eliminate distractions in a way that helps people gain a clear understanding of what is happening and why it is happening. She has a growth mindset, and works quickly to identify ways to transform obstacles into opportunities.

Her energy and enthusiasm for the task ahead are infectious and she is someone who will offer genuine encouragement, empathy and an optimistic outlook on her work and her life.

Specialist Areas:

  • Trust and Grant funding plans
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Policy analysis
  • Event fundraising
  • Prospect research
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Rocio Robles

Operations Manager

Rocio Robles – Operations Manager

Rocio has worked in the fundraising sphere for over six years. Throughout her extensive experience in creating tailored strategies for a wide range of organisations, she has developed a deep understanding of the needs of not-for-profits searching for funding, and the challenges they face. That understanding, combined with her outstanding organisational skills, provide her with an invaluable multifaceted skill set to best serve our clients and their causes.

Rocio’s excellent attention to detail and high standards allow her to achieve a great level of consistency and effectiveness across all her work. She enjoys creating a supportive and organised work environment where operations run smoothly and proficiently for everyone involved.

Her warm, unflappable and personable manner ensures that each of our clients receive a dedicated and high quality level of service.

Specialist Areas:

  • Analysis and coordination of strategy documents
  • Human resource management
  • Prospect research and compilation
  • Database management
  • Stakeholder communications


BDO Wellington Capital Campaigns Merit – 2015
Awarded to Cholmondeley for the ‘Help put Cholmondeley Back on the Map’ campaign.

Strategic Grants Awards for Excellence in Grants – 2016
Awarded to Living Springs for the project ‘Founders Field: a platform for greatness’.

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