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Do you feel like your organisation has big goals but is struggling to make it happen?

We specialise in developing Operational Fundraising Strategies for not-for-profit organisations.

Barrer & Co’s strategic planning process will help you define your organisation’s dream, set your goals, plan ways to meet those goals, and develop practical steps that generate desired results from the most appropriate fundraising streams.

Barrer & Co can also support and assist internal staff as they implement the strategy.

Feasibility Studies

Barrer & Co can develop and complete fundraising Feasibility Studies that engage with key stakeholders in desired networks, to provide vital information and feedback about a potential campaign or an existing offering.

This is a three-step process involving research, interviews, and the development of a final report that includes recommendations and key information about the fundraising climate and the appetite prospective donors have to give to your organisation.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns depend on several key components to be highly effective, including clear goals, a targeted plan and a focused team. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly plan out the capital campaign’s strategy prior to launching it.

After leading the development of the capital campaign strategy with your board, Barrer & Co would then project manage all phases of the capital campaign implementation through to completion.

The three phases are: Set Up Phase, Active Phase and Tidy Up Phase; these are carried out sequentially but dovetail into each other.

Bequest Programme

Barrer & Co provides expertise in the specialist area of bequests, also known as planned giving.

We can assist with the set up and development of a robust best practice bequest programme, starting from scratch or further enhancing an established bequest programme.

Read more about the bequest fundraising stream here.

Fundraising Office Set Up

It is crucial that your fundraising office is resourced and structured properly to manage donors and their journey with you.

Barrer & Co has extensive experience assisting not-for-profits to set up their fundraising office. We can help you to make sure you are ready to fundraise for your general day-to-day activities, and for capital campaigns if required.

Funding Plan

For many not-for-profits, trust and foundation grants are the bedrock of their fundraising income. It is essential to your success to develop a funding plan to manage the application process efficiently.

Barrer & Co can develop a comprehensive funding plan that details which trusts and foundations to target and for what costs, including amounts to apply to each funder, and deadline dates pertinent to each funder.

Recruitment Support

We have a lot of experience in advising not-for-profits on the recruitment process and can help to ensure you find suitable fundraising staff to support your organisation’s needs.

We help you scope the role, then work with you to finalise the job description and advertisement. Once you have your candidates, we’ll assist with long-listing and short-listing applicants for the interview stage. Following this we will create the interview questions for the interview panel, as well as sit in on the interviews with the shortlisted candidates to ensure you find the very best fit.

Policy Development

It is important to ensure you have solid structures in place before you start approaching and engaging with donor audiences and embarking on new fundraising activities.

Barrer & Co can develop fully tailored fundraising policies, including:

  • Sponsorship policy
  • Gift Acceptance policy
  • Stewardship policy
  • Database policy


Barrer & Co has worked with over 120 not-for-profits and we are well equipped to provide mentoring support to suit your requirements. We work alongside your fundraising staff, using our experience and expertise to empower them to carry out fundraising activities with confidence and determination.

We can tailor the mentoring programme to focus on specific fundraising streams or to general implementation of strategy.

Case for Support Development

A case for support is a fundraising booklet that clearly explains your vision, mission and values, and motivates the donor to contribute to your not-for-profit, whether for a specific capital campaign or for day-to-day programmes and services. This document will be the cornerstone for your fundraising efforts.

The case for support needs to be a strong, captivating document that communicates the purpose of your organisation effectively to prospects; the content and layout need to be presented in a way that will best serve your fundraising goals.

Barrer & Co can manage the development of the case for support from concept to content development through to production and print.

Communications Audit

The alignment and consistency of all fundraising related communications across the organisation’s channels is essential to engaging your audiences to understand and support your cause.

Barrer & Co’s Communications Audit provides an assessment of your current communication mechanisms, tools and resources, and makes recommendations to enhance these so you can be well-positioned to purposefully and effectively communicate and build your organisation’s profile.

Website Review

Your website should be the core platform for delivering messaging and act as the main public-facing knowledge base for all things relating to your not-for-profit’s services and fundraising activity.

Barrer & Co can review and provide an assessment on your website’s ability to best represent your work from a donor-centric perspective. The review includes specific tangible recommendations to implement, as well as strategic direction for the website generally.

Annual Appeal

It is common practice in New Zealand for not-for-profit organisations to conduct an annual appeal as a means to connect and engage with a wide number of prospective donors to acquire one-off and regular donations. These appeals also assist to identify supporters who may become major gift donors or bequest pledgers. Appeals can be time and resource heavy, therefore, it is important to have a clear plan in place.

Barrer & Co can manage your next annual appeal by creating a structured and strategic programme including working with you to ensure you have the right systems and resources in place to manage an appeal, as well as developing the content.

Fundraising Essentials for Boards

Fundraising is a critical component of any not-for-profit Board's duty of care. Having a solid understanding of how your not-for-profit can generate revenue to support your cause and services is one of the most important responsibilities for Board members.

Barrer & Co has a wealth of experience in consulting at governance level to communicate the essentials of best practice fundraising in a way that is accessible, meaningful and tailored towards optimising your existing programme and new opportunities.

Our 'Fundraising Essentials for Boards' session seeks to empower Boards with the key elements of fundraising success.

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