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Do you feel like your organisation has big goals but is struggling to make it happen?

Barrer & Co’s strategic planning process will help you define your organisation’s dream, set your goals, plan ways to meet those goals, and develop practical steps that generate desired results.

The strategy we develop is designed to ensure the most appropriate fundraising streams are targeted for your organisation to achieve its goal. Barrer & Co has identified 11 streams of funding that sit outside government funding; we use a carefully selected group of these fundraising streams as the base for the strategy.

We also advise on required resources and provide recommendations regarding the most effective ways to implement the strategy.

Operational Fundraising Strategy

We specialise in developing Operational Fundraising Strategies for not-for-profit organisations. We have identified 11 fundraising streams that sit outside of government funding. When we develop a strategy for a client we carefully analyse and identify the most appropriate of these streams for their organisation.

Barrer & Co can also support and assist internal staff as they implement the strategy.

The Process

Before we develop a fundraising strategy, we hold a workshop with key stakeholders. The discussions that occur during the workshop help us assess key elements to include in the strategy.

After this workshop we explore the topics that were discussed and outline any remaining aspects that would be useful to include in the strategy. Our goal is to provide a document which captures relevant information and detailed recommendations to be implemented.

Feasibility Studies

Barrer & Co can develop and complete Feasibility Studies that engage with key stakeholders in desired networks, to provide vital information and feedback about a potential campaign or an existing offering.

This is a three-step process involving research, interviews, and the development of a final report:

1. Research

The initial research to gain a deep and thorough understanding of your organisation also investigates any challenges that would need to be considered and addressed before officially launching any fundraising or revenue generation activities.

The focus is on evaluating, through a series of questions and answers with key stakeholders, the potential inclination that different audiences would have towards supporting your organisation. During this initial process any potential risks or challenges would be identified, and we would also seek to identify certain individuals who need to be included or excluded from the feasibility study.

2. Feasibility Interviews

The next step is compiling a list of potential interviewees that can provide insight into perceptions of the NFP, including donor journeys, stewardship and recognition expectations, reasons for giving and the information they deem crucial to know about an organisation they support or are considering supporting, fundraising target for the capital campaign, donor revenue streams identified for the capital fundraising campaign

3. Feasibility Report

After Barrer & Co conducts the interviews with relevant stakeholders, we then develop a report based on the feedback collated.

This report includes recommendations and key information about the fundraising climate and where it currently sits with regards to the appetite to give to your organisation.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns depend on several key components to be highly effective, including clear goals, a targeted plan and a focused team. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly plan out the capital campaign’s strategy prior to launching it. After leading the development of the capital campaign strategy with your board, Barrer & Co would then project manage all phases of the capital campaign implementation through to completion.

The three phases are: Set Up Phase, Active Phase and Tidy Up Phase; these are carried out sequentially but dovetail into each other.

Bequest Programme

Barrer & Co provides expertise in the specialist area of bequests, also known as planned giving.

We can assist with the set up and development of a robust best practice bequest programme, starting from scratch or further enhancing an established bequest programme.

Read more about the bequest fundraising stream here.

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