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Hohepa Canterbury New Homes

10 December 2019

For the people they support, Hohepa is home. It is where they feel safe to build a vision for their life and are empowered to make it happen. Hohepa nurtures the body, soul and spirit of people with an intellectual disability to enable their dreams and aspirations to come to fruition. Their kaupapa is to ensure every person they support has the opportunity to have a life fully lived.

Everyone deserves to have a place they call home – a secure foundation is one of the most important aspects of achieving personal success. Hohepa is committed to providing people with inspiring and fit-for-purpose housing to ensure they are in an environment that supports and adapts to their unique needs and aspirations over their lifetime.

This is why they have embarked on a journey to build two new homes at Hohepa. These buildings are designed to be light, creative, and thoughtful. They will encourage a sense of ownership and pride for the people we support and in our wider community.

We launched this capital fundraising campaign with Hohepa Canterbury at the end of October. This campaign seeks to raise $2.2 million, and at the launch Hohepa announced an incredible lead gift of $500,000 from the Sutherland Self Help Trust, a funder that had a long and close relationship with them. This fundraising campaign will continue in 2020 and at Barrer & Co we are excited to assist Hohepa raise the funds needed to make this project a reality, as well as raising awareness of this fantastic organisation and the people that they support.

If you’d like to learn more about Hohepa and their new homes project, click the link below.

Hohepa Canterbury – New Homes Project

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