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Barrer & Co offers these services

STRATEGY for Operational Fundraising

STRATEGY for Capital Fundraising

STRATEGY for Endowment Funds

EXECUTION for Capital Strategies




BDO Wellington Capital Campaigns Merit – 2015 Awarded to Cholmondeley for the ‘Help put Cholmondeley Back on the Map’ campaign.
Strategic Grants Awards for Excellence in Grants – 2016 Awarded to Living Springs for the project ‘Founders Field: a platform for greatness’.

Who we are & how we work

Barrer & Co helps not-for-profit organisations achieve their fundraising goals, raise their profile, and develop relationships in the most meaningful and effective way possible. The tailored processes we implement and the approaches we take are what make us efficient and unique. We approach our work in this sector with strategic, innovative, long-range thinking. We focus on achieving excellent return on investment for our clients’ time and resources.

Our model is holistic, transparent and meaningful. Relationship management and engagement is our priority and we are very proud of the knowledge we are able to pass on and the confidence we create for our clients’ work. We are champions of our clients’ brands and invisible partners in their success.

At Barrer & Co we approach our work with heart and genuine passion for what we do. Our model is based on developing effective and mutually beneficial relationships based on shared values, resulting in long term partnerships that can grow and develop long after we exit from any work we are doing with a client. Barrer & Co are an experienced and safe pair of hands for any fundraising project.

We are champions of our clients’ brands & invisible partners in their success



We specialise in developing Operational Fundraising Strategies for NFP clients. We have identified 12 funding streams that sit outside of government funding and when we develop a strategy for a client we carefully analyse and identify the most appropriate of these streams for them to target. Barrer & Co can also support and assist internal staff as they implement the strategy.


Barrer & Co creates innovative and tailored Capital Fundraising Strategies designed to raise a specific amount of money to meet the asset building needs of an organisation. We incorporate our expertise in NFP Marketing and Communications into the development of these strategies.


We can develop fundraising strategies for Endowment Funds focused on major gifts and bequests.



Barrer & Co can comprehensively and cohesively deliver Capital Fundraising Strategies we have developed for clients.

We have developed a strong base of supporters who are interested in our projects and this allows us to implement Capital Fundraising Strategies successfully.

We have established trust with these contacts and are very respectful and careful about how we connect our projects with potential supporters.

While Barrer & Co creates and project manages tailored Capital Fundraising Strategies from end to end, we can also work with Boards and Executive Teams to develop a Capital Fundraising Strategy, and then hand over the implementation to an internal staff member or committee, and provide support and guidance through the process.

Feasibility Studies

Barrer & Co can develop and execute Feasibility Studies that engage with key stakeholders in desired networks, to provide vital information and feedback about a potential campaign or an existing offering.

Recruitment & Mentoring

Barrer & Co can help NFP organisations recruit internal staff to implement Operational, Capital, or Endowment Fundraising Strategies. We also offer mentoring peer support for the fundraising teams or individuals responsible for raising funds within NFP organisations.

Fundraising Consulting & Support

Barrer & Co can consult with Governance Boards, Executive Teams and Operational Staff on all aspects of NFP revenue generation. This assists in educating and building knowledge across many key areas of NFP fundraising, including:

  • Areas of potential growth & opportunity
  • Communications & key messaging
  • Landscape of the NFP environment
  • Marketing & branding
  • Profile building
  • Public relations
  • Relationship development & management

Barrer & Co was set up to do things differently in the fundraising space.

Our Team

Team Sarah

Sarah Barrer


Sarah has been working in the not-for-profit industry since 2008 and she has headed Barrer & Co since 2012 with a vision to support organisations to achieve their fundraising goals through developing effective strategy and relationship management.

Sarah’s driving passion is to focus on the individual needs of an organisation and work alongside them to provide solutions within their context. To achieve this, she utilises the skills she has gained with her background working in corporate relationship management and her experience as a member of several Boards – most recently GROW Ōtautahi and Hagar International, as well as her decade of not-for-profit specialisation.

Sarah’s fundraising philosophy is based on considered analysis and planning, enhancing stakeholder relationships, meaningful stewardship, and expectation management. Together with this, Sarah utilises traditional methodology and new and innovative ideas to create success; since the inception of Barrer & Co, she has helped more than 120 not-for-profits in the areas of capital campaigns, operational efficiency, long-term funding sustainability and increases in revenue generation.

This traditionally under-resourced sector has become a passionate area of interest for Sarah and her personal characteristics of resilience, transparency, honesty and perseverance have helped to form her expertise.

Team Kathryn

Kathryn Marshall

Fundraising Manager

Kathryn has over 25 years of experience as a senior fundraiser, and has worked across education, health and disability sectors in New Zealand, England and the USA.

Kathryn has consistently led charities to exceed their fundraising income targets, with her ability to invent, develop and implement ambitious fundraising strategies and initiatives. 

Kathryn’s key strength is her ability to nurture strong and lasting relationships. This has enabled her to hone her talent for engaging supporters; increase income through bequests and major gifts; and foster successful corporate partnerships.  Recently Kathryn has had the privilege of being invited to train and coach the fundraisers of tomorrow and is a regular mentor for practitioners around New Zealand.

Kathryn has gained her experience by holding senior positions with Diabetes UK, King’s College London (UK), Action on Hearing Loss (UK), Mind, the mental health charity (UK), Victim Support NZ, Otago University and the University of Canterbury, Kathryn has also served on a number of volunteer committees including FINZ National Council, FINZ Southern & Central Region, and All Stars Kids Club Charitable Trust. She also volunteers weekly for Special Olympics Canterbury.

Team Georgia

Georgia Harvey

Fundraising Manager

Georgia has worked in fundraising, communications and marketing roles across a range of industries, including not-for-profit, local government and school and tertiary institutions such as College House, St Andrew’s College, Selwyn District Council and the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

With a strong background in client liaison and creative project management, Georgia thrives on driving projects forward towards the end goal while maintaining an eye on the finer details. A wide range of skills in marketing, communications, fundraising, event promotion, media relations, website and social media management, editing and proofreading means Georgia is well-placed to guide our clients on their unique path to success, all with a highly professional polish.

Her strategic approach means Georgia is always seeking the most efficient and logical course of action, guided by a highly empathetic outlook and ‘big picture’ thinking. Georgia is experienced in both operational and capital fundraising activities, including capital campaigns, annual appeals, major donor fundraising and moves management.

Team Pollyanne

Pollyanne Peña


Polly has worked in community development and fundraising for a range of not-for-profits over the last six years including Shakti Community Council, National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges and Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust.

She excels at balancing the minutiae of complex tasks with strategic thinking, and this combined with her nous for relationship management aligns perfectly with her areas of specialisation in trusts and grant management, event fundraising and corporate sponsorships.

Polly thrives when she works with ambiguity and has to problem solve, driving to pinpoint core problems and identify the best solutions. She can artfully eliminate distractions in a way that helps people gain a clear understanding of what is happening and why it is happening. She has a growth mindset, and works quickly to identify ways to transform obstacles into opportunities.

Her energy and enthusiasm for the task ahead are infectious and she is someone who will offer genuine encouragement, empathy and an optimistic outlook on her work and her life. 

Team Rocio

Rocio Robles

Fundraising Project Administrator

Rocio is a professional administrator specialised in fundraising and not-for-profit communications. She has extensive experience in developing and reviewing tailored strategies, proposals and reports for a wide range of organisations.

Throughout her work experience she has developed a deep understanding of New Zealand’s fundraising landscape and an acute insight into the needs and challenges of not-for-profit organisations searching for funding.

She enjoys creating a supportive and organised work environment and her exceptional attention to detail and warm, unflappable and personable manner ensures that each of our clients receive a dedicated and quality level of service.

The people who have trusted us so far

Nz Spinal Trust Logo 2


I call them “The Wonder Women from Wonder Woman Island”

I had no idea who Sarah Barrer was until a trusted friend and fellow CEO insisted I contact her. NZ Spinal Trust was 25 years old and had never had a professional fundraising resource – we needed one.

How does a CEO convince their trust board they need to employ their first ever full-time fundraising manager? I didn’t need to. Sarah and her team workshopped with our board and prepared the perfect plan for us. It was so thorough and convincing our board simply said let’s do it.

Because Sarah knew what we needed she joined our recruitment panel and as a consequence we have an extraordinary new team member who fits us perfectly.

Barrer & Co are experienced, highly knowledgeable, thorough, meticulous, well researched, superb communicators, with empathy and heart. They understand the CEO’s perspective well and know how to get Trust Boards and employees all on the same page to embrace investment and change that will give your mission certainty through revenue generation targeted to your corner of the non-profit world. The small investment we made to do this important piece or work, once and right, is already paying dividends. I can’t imagine it being done any better and my board and I remain extremely pleased with the process and outcome and heartily recommend Barrer & Co.

Hans Wouters

CEO – NZ Spinal Trust

In understanding our particular requirements, Barrer & Co were extremely forward-looking and considered in their approach. It has been a pleasure dealing with such a professional team, who delivered excellent outcomes on time, on budget and in a format we could make immediate use of. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Sarah and her staff again.

Professor Paul Millar

Head of the School of Humanities & Creative Arts, University of Canterbury

Many, many thanks for the work you have done on our behalf in regards to identifying funding streams available to us. On the 3 occasions I have had the opportunity of speaking with you, I have come away inspired to ‘look outside the box’ in regards to our funding applications. This enabled me to double the amount of applications submitted over the last couple of months. Listening to and talking with you has given me the confidence to increase the personal contact with funders and our wider community, which has had some positive results already. Your presentation to our Management Team was on a level that they could understand the issues without feeling blamed and they all left that meeting talking about how impressed they were by the information you presented and the way you presented it. It’s early days yet for us, as a Team, to put into practice any of your other recommendations and I am hopeful that our Team members are feeling motivated towards making some changes in how we address the financial aspect of our organisation.

Bev Adams

Manager of Woolston Development Project
Scouts Logo

Sarah from Barrer & Co. was critical in developing a new fundraising strategy for SCOUTS New Zealand. Her operational support, advice, timely and accurate feedback, as well as strategic thinking, has allowed us to grow our fundraising income and build lasting corporate relationships. Sarah is a ‘Yes’ person with high initiative, endless positive ideas and an engaging professional style. I would highly recommend Barrer & Co. to your organisation.

Niamh Lawless

Chief Executive, SCOUTS New Zealand

Earlier this year Ken Lord, one of our Enrich Trustees, introduced the Board to the idea of putting in place a Fundraising Strategy and proposed we meet with Sarah Barrer, a fundraising professional he had experience with in another organisation. Right from our first meeting Sarah and her team showed a total commitment to learning what we were about and understanding our needs. While only in the early stages of the implementation, the Strategy Barrer & Co has produced is now a guiding document for the Trust with a very practical set of goals to follow. We look forward to working with Sarah and her team to fully implement the Strategy and grow the vital work our Chaplains undertake within the intellectually disabled community.

Bob Shearing

QSM Chairman - Enrich Community Chaplaincy Trust

Having worked with Sarah Barrer for a number of years, both as an employee of Cholmondeley Children’s Centre and then on a special capital fundraising project to raise $4m to re-build the centre after it was damaged in the earthquakes, I have nothing but praise for Sarah’s commitment and her ability to deliver.

Sarah has an enthusiastic, engaging personality which is ideal for such a project, she is a livewire. She is able to relate to anyone and adjust to fit the situation or the person. She shows empathy, has respect and ensures she is always well prepared. Her experience, guidance and planning, not to mention her passion, were all essential contributions to a successful project.

Give her a challenge and Sarah Barrer and her team can deliver.

Kerry Dellaca

President, Cholmondeley Children's Centre

I want to thank you for the great job you have done for us, and the clear strategy you have provided which we can apply across all our activities, not just our Healthy Ageing programme. Thank you for your support and insights, I much appreciated your approach. The feasibility study you conducted has clearly shown us what we need to do to survive and thrive. I have really enjoyed meeting and working with you.

Sue Pollard

Former Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand Nutrition Foundation

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