Incorporated Societies Bill – Reform on the Horizon

07 July 2021

The Incorporated Societies Bill 2021 is set to bring about big changes for the 24,000 societies currently on the Incorporated Society Register.

The bill proposes to put in place a modern framework of basic legal, governance, and accountability obligations for incorporated societies and those who run them, including:

  • Putting in place six express duties on officers of incorporated societies, modelled on directors’ duties in the Companies Act 1993.
  • The introduction of rules and procedure relating to conflicts of interest for officers.
  • Providing a mechanism for societies to amalgamate with each other.

Societies will need to have a constitution which meets the new standards imposed by the legislation once it’s passed into law, so we recommend all Incorporated Societies take the time to review their current rules.

Find out more and follow the Bill’s progress here

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